Creating a Memory Box

What would be great is to be able to capture all the memories that are important to us in an easy way – so that in years to come we can look back and smile at all the little, and big, things that have happened. This is also a great way to help those with memory loss or dementia, reminisce on the past or simply collect memorabilia special to you.

A memory box is a container that holds special things belonging to you or your family. It might include photos, some favourite music, letters or a recorded message. These objects and messages can help remind your children or loved ones of happy times you spend together. You will create and decorate the box using a variety of resources, materials and mixed media, discuss and share ideas on collecting items for your memory box and look at notes and reminder messages to keep in your box.

This is part of our suite of courses designed for people ‘to put a spring back into their step’. Our well-being courses are designed to help you revitalise your life, build confidence and promote positive self-help whilst offering social interaction in a relaxed environment. Explore new ways of coping with everyday situations whether at home or at work and try some of our new taster workshops.

Venue: Preston Road Adult Education Centre
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Duration: 3 weeks

Course ID: P214C3

Day and Time Tuesday 10-12 noon


Course starts 5 June 2018