Creative Writing (classroom-based)

Creative Writing (classroom-based)

Duration: 5 weeks
Start Date: To be confirmed
Day and time: Tuesday, 1-3pm
Course fees: FREE
Enrolment information: For information on how to apply, please call 01482 615 349 / 616 580 or email:

Course Aims

During this five-week course you will learn how to write short, creative pieces of writing.

We will develop your ability to produce interesting, exciting and rewarding compositions.

The course will help you to show more confidence in all your writing activities and communication.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements, everyone over the age of 19 is able to join.

How to apply

For information on how to apply, please call 01482 615 349 / 616 580 or email:

Course Content

Ever felt you had a novel in you, or is there a short story or poem you need to write?

During this five-week course, we will explore:

  • How to start creating your piece of writing
  • Techniques to make your writing come alive
  • The direction of where the piece could go and how to get there
  • Developing your very own creative writing style and voice

Assessment Method

This course uses RARPA as its method of assessment. There is no exam.

 RARPA stands for Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement which is the process of assessment for non-accredited learning. It is a means of validating the outcomes of programmes which do not result in qualifications. RARPA is a five-stage process which measures and records learners’ progress, achievements and attendance.

Where can it lead?

We hope that this session will have inspired you to learn something new. Now that you have tried this short course, why not try one of our other English courses. We offer English Functional Skills and GCSE courses. These can lead on to numerous career or volunteering opportunities inside and outside of creative writing – many employers value good written English skills in their job vacancy descriptions.

There are also a wide range of other courses for work and leisure.

As a Hull Training and Adult Education learner you have access to our Careers Advice Service. Our advisers are on hand to guide you through options and support you to achieve your full potential.  Ask your tutor to refer you, if required.

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