Electric Guitar – Improver

Course overview

This course if for improver learners who’ve attended the beginners course and would like to explore the electric guitar. The course will cover the various techniques of playing the electric guitar all in rolling terms across the year.

Some of the techniques that will be covered are:

  • Getting a great guitar tone with your amplifier (How it works)
  • Playing lead guitar (Pentatonic & Major scales)
  • Performing Blues improvisations (Jamming)
  • Iconic guitar riffs and licks
  • Picking and improving speed and fluidity

The curriculum is class led, and the tutor takes requests at the beginning of term so let us help you get rocking in a class where everyone helps each other and creates a fantastic vibe and learning environment.

For this course Jody will be the guitar tutor, Jody is a professional touring session musician working with many of the iconic artists from the 80’s that we have come to love, he has created a wonderful curriculum in the last 12 years working with Hull Training & Adult Education that gets guitarists progressing fast.

Who is this course for
Anyone with an electric guitar and amplifier that would not class themselves as a beginner (i.e. can comfortably play lots of chords and can play rhythm in time)

What can I do after thee course
Here at Hull training & Adult Education our guitar tutors have been offering courses for all different abilities and styles for over 15 years now, we have a range of development routes for the learners to continue on after this course. This could be improver guitar courses, electric guitar courses or even ukulele.




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11 weeks

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#Electric guitar - improver

Day and Time

Monday 6.30-8.30pm




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