Healthy Plate

Healthy Plate

Duration: 2 hours
Course ID: Healthy Plate
Start Date: 4 August 2020 (2-4pm)
Entry requirements: None
Course fees: Free (subject to eligibility)
Please note: To ensure you have the relevant access to the online classroom, please complete your enrolment 4 days prior to the start date

Course aim

Over the past months we have all had more time at home and probably found we have spent more time in the kitchen. 

The problems are always:

  • What to cook? – 

Looking at simple recipes that you can try at home using minimal ingredients.  

  • Is what I am cooking healthy?

Exploring the main food groups, looking at easy ways to introduce vegetables into meals and the difference cooking methods can have.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements.

Qualifications and assessment

This course uses RARPA as its method of assessment. 

RARPA stands for Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement which is the process of assessment for non-accredited learning. It is a means of validating the outcomes of programmes which do not result in qualifications. RARPA is a five stage process which measures and records learners’ progress, achievements and attendance.

Course content

This short workshop we will be delivered online. There will be recorded cooking demonstrations, which can be watched, paused or watched again. 

You will be able to post questions on the message board and take part in live chat to share your ideas, thoughts and questions. Each topic will be broken down within the workshop with additional information and links.

Where can it lead?

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