Introduction to First Aid

Introduction to First Aid

Duration: 2 hours
Course ID: Introduction to First Aid
Start Date: 5 August 2020 (2-4pm)
Entry requirements: None
Course fees: Free (subject to eligibility)
Please note: To ensure you have the relevant access to the online classroom, please complete your enrolment 4 days prior to the start date

Course aim

Have you ever wanted to learn the basics of first aid? This short workshop has been designed to reduce your anxieties of dealing with incidents within your own home or even in the wider community.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements

Qualifications and assessment

This course uses RARPA as its method of assessment. 

RARPA stands for Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement which is the process of assessment for non-accredited learning. It is a means of validating the outcomes of programmes which do not result in qualifications. RARPA is a five stage process which measures and records learners’ progress, achievements and attendance.

Course content

You will learn more about:-

Choking – Probably one of the most common and scary incidents a parent or family member can come across. You may have already experienced this? 

We will explore the action you can take which could save a life, we will look at the signs to look out for and when to call for medical help. 

Bumps and burns – Explore and understand the different types of bumps and burns and what action to take. Dealing with a range of injuries from a scrapped knee to burn to the hand 

We will discuss the most effective treatments for both areas and treatments that will not work and why.

CPR– We will have a whistle stop tour of CPR. We will cover how to check a person is breathing and what your actions should be taken, when to start CPR and what type of CPR to use. We will also look at how to locate and use an AED.  Plus the information the emergency services will ask for.

CPR= cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

AED= automated external defibrillator

Where can it lead?

Health and Safety qualification

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