Italian Level 1

Italian Level 1

Duration: 16 weeks
Start Date: Wednesday 4 March 2020
Induction: Wednesday 26 February 2020
Day and time: Wednesday, 6-8.30pm
Course fees: £166 including registration / FREE (fee remissions available)
Enrolment information: For information on how to apply, please call The Endeavour Centre on 01482 615 349

Course aims

This Italian Beginners course is an introduction to the Italian language and culture; this will help you gain a broader understanding of how to express yourself to communicate effectively in Italian, and how to understand others in a range of everyday situations.

Students will learn how to:
• Introduce themselves,
• Friends and family members,
• Talk about likes and dislikes and express preferences,
• How to order food and drinks,
• How to ask and give directions,
• Describe clothes including colours, etc.

Not only do students learn how to make statements about daily life, they also learn how to get relevant information by asking questions and practising these questions and responses in class. Students learn how to book holidays, buy products and order services, etc.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements

The program is designed for learners with no prior knowledge of Italian, and provides a solid foundation for progression. This is designed for a diverse group of learners of various ages, both male and female with varying literacy needs. Most seeking to learn Italian for holidaying and work, others hoping to go on to further/higher education.

How to apply

Ring the Information Line on 01482 615 349 or visit your local centre to book an appointment


Turn up on one of our induction days between 9 – 12 September 9.30am – 7 pm 2019.

Course units

Be able to read and respond in the target language to simple written text.

1.1. Read a simple text in the target language which must include:
• relevant everyday vocabulary
• the simplest ways of expressing present, past and future tenses/timeframes
• expressions of intention or possibility or wish

using a dictionary if required
1.2. Write a response of at least 60 words in the target language to a stimulus written in the target language which must include the following:
• relevant everyday vocabulary
• the simplest ways of expressing at least 2

• This unit will introduce learners to the following key information (relating to the topics chosen)
• the distinction between formal and informal language
• a range of basic positive / negative structures
• simple numerical data
• a wider range of basic connectors (e.g. therefore), appropriate prepositions, and appropriate adjectives / adverbs to create simple descriptions, expressions of frequency
• a basic knowledge of modal verbs (e.g. can, must, would like), requests for information (e.g. how, when, do you, have you, are you), permission to act (e.g. may I, can I)
• a basic knowledge of simple structures to understand written forms of the past, present and future tenses/timeframes where appropriate to the language*
• a basic knowledge of simple structures to write at least 2 tenses/timeframes – past/present/future/ where appropriate to the language*
• conventions a) used in letters / cards (e.g. one example of an opening and closing phrase), notes, forms b) addressing envelopes
• an awareness of grammar requirements when constructing sentences; word order, punctuation, other as appropriate
• use of simple dictionaries/glossaries

Accredited/RARPA statement

To achieve this qualification you will be required to take an exam.

Where can it lead?

FE Courses

The appropriate follow on course will be to progress to the next level of Italian, for example: Beginners may be able to attend an improvers course.

You may also discuss what you would like to progress on to after the course, with your tutor or with an advisor in the centre

Please ask your tutor for further information

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