Keeping up with the Children – Functional Skills Maths

Keeping up with the Children – Functional Skills Maths

Duration: 23 weeks
Start Date: To be confirmed
Day and time: Monday, 12.45-2.45pm
Course fees: FREE
Enrolment information: For information on how to apply, please call 01482 615 349 / 616 580 or email:

Course Aims

This 23-week course aimed specifically at parents and carers who want to:

  • Improve their own maths skills
  • Develop their confidence in methods currently used to teach Maths across the school curriculum
  • Be able to support their children with home learning and revision
  • Gain a maths qualification at either Entry, Level 1, or Level 2
  • Move on to further courses, gain employment or support a career move

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course other than being a parent or carer for a child.

An initial assessment session will be carried out at the start of the course to ensure you are studying at the correct level.

How to apply

For information on how to apply, please call 01482 615 349 / 616 580 or email:

Course Content

Functional Skills maths covers three broad areas, and questions in the exams are often linked to real life scenarios and feature problem solving connected to these.

Our tutors ensure that during the course we discuss modern teaching methods and approaches, as well as making sure you are confident in analysing problems to find the best way to solve questions.


This area starts with a refresher on written calculations including the four operations which underpin most areas of maths (+ – x ÷), dealing with large and small numbers including rounding and estimation, use of ratio, fractions, decimals and percentages.  We also look at calculator techniques which can be used to speed up the process and links to other areas of the course.

Shape, Space and Measure

In this area you will learn about common 2D and 3D shapes, including properties such as symmetry before moving on to learn how to calculate perimeter, area and volume for common shapes (often applied to questions linked to household maintenance).  You will also learn to use different units of measure, including converting between these using key facts, formulae and conversion graphs.

Data Handling

This part of the course is all about using data, whether this is analysing information from tables and charts, calculating averages or creating representations of data to compare and comment on this.  Many job roles will require you to be confident in working with data, so this is particularly relevant if you’re thinking of employment.

Assessment Method

You will be assessed regularly by your tutor within the classroom using tasks tailored to the level you are studying at so that we can support you to gain a solid understanding of all areas.

At the end of the course, you sit an exam with a short non-calculator paper, and a longer calculator paper.

Where can it lead?

Moving on to a higher-level Functional Skills course e.g. Level 1 to Level 2, Level 2 to GCSE maths course


Career progression

As a Hull Training and Adult Education learner you have access to our Careers Advice Service. Our advisers are on hand to guide you through options and support you to achieve your full potential.  Ask your tutor to refer you, if required.

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