Make a Scrubs Bag from a Pillowcase

Make a Scrubs Bag from a Pillowcase

Course Aims

Through this online workshop you will have the opportunity to develop your
knowledge and understanding of basic sewing techniques, progress your practical
skills in machine sewing and upcycling textile items.

Accredited/RARPA statement

RARPA stands for Recognising and Recording Progress and Achievement which
is the process of assessment for non-accredited learning. It is a means of
validating the outcomes of programmes which do not result in qualifications.
RARPA is a five stage process which measures and records learners’ progress,
achievements and attendance.

Entry Requirements

No entry requirements

Course Information

Take some time out to develop your sewing skills learning how to create a simple
scrubs bag from a pillow case.

Course content

This online workshop will focus on the creative making process required to
construct a scrubs bag. Step by step tutor demonstration will guide you through
from start to finish.
Your dedicated tutor will be available for you to contact and for supervision
throughout the online workshop.
Make a Scrubs Bag aims to make learning accessible to you using the sewing
materials you may have at home. For additional resources, order online from fabric
and haberdashery suppliers. Some of the retail outlets remaining open may also
stock affordable basic sewing equipment.
Resources you will require:
 Marking tools – Pencil/pen
 Tape measure, ruler
 Fabric shears
 Pillowcase
 Pins
 Sewing machine
 Thread
 Cord/ribbon/twill tape
 Safety pin

Key skills you will develop:
 Cutting skills
 Step by step construction methods

Where can it lead?

Absolute Beginners Sewing Skills
 Beginners Sewing Skills
 Learning for Leisure Sewing Skills

Qualifications in subject areas such as fashion, garment making or tailoring.
 Entry 3 Garment Making
 Entry 3 Creating a Memory Blanket
 L1 City & Guilds Award in Fashion
These skills could be used in the following job roles:
 Repairing clothing/textile items
 Simple garment alteration
 Working in the voluntary sector repairing/upcycling textile items