Spanish – Reading and Writing – Level 1 (online)

Spanish – Reading and Writing – Level 1 (online)

Duration: 13 weeks
Start Date: To be confirmed
Course fee: £109.50 / FREE (fee remissions available)
Enrolment information: For information on how to apply, please call 01482 615 349 / 616 580 or email:

Course Aims

This is an online course for learners wishing to further develop their existing Spanish knowledge.

By the end of the course, you will be able to read and understand a simple text in the target language.  You will also have learnt how to write simple text in Spanish.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for the Level 1, however, you will be expected to have some prior knowledge and understanding about the Spanish language.

How to apply

For information on how to apply, please call 01482 615 349 / 616 580 or email:

Course Content

By the end of the course, you will be able to write brief sentences about your family home, your job, holidays, transport, food and talking about future plans

You will also have acquired knowledge about:

  • The distinction between formal/informal language
  • Basic positive / negative structures
  • Basic connectors, prepositions
  • Adjectives / adverbs to create simple descriptions
  • A basic knowledge of modal verbs
  • Expressions of frequency
  • Time frames – past/present/ future
  • Simple numerical data
  • Requests for information (e.g. how, when, do you, have you, are you)
  • Permission to act (e.g. may I, can I)
  • The use of simple dictionaries / glossaries (target language>English)
  • Conventions used in letters, notes, forms

Assessment Method

This as an accredited course and evidence of achievement is by creating a portfolio of evidence.

Where can it lead?

This qualification will enable you to gain crucial language skills for work or social purposes.  They allow you to expand cultural knowledge, participate in multilingual communities and improve communication skills when travelling abroad for business and/or pleasure.

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