Apprenticeship News – Apply Now

Hull Training & Adult Education are still open for business and waiting for your apprenticeship application. So what are you waiting for?!

 Although Covid-19 is interrupting business at the moment we are still accepting apprenticeship applications and can carry out your interview remotely.

 From Business Administration to Bricklaying, Team Leading to Engineering we offer a broad range of areas with some fantastic job opportunities to kick start your career. By applying now you can get to the front of the queue and use this time to get yourself job ready by:

  • Perfecting your CV
  • Obtaining a reference from any part time work you may have had or a character reference from a family friend
  • Researching local employers in your chosen line of work
  • Completing your application form & supplying us with your GSCE (currently predicted) grades
  • Contacting us online or by email and arranging your telephone interview

 For more information email us at

Margaret Woodcock
Learner Services Manager