Hull Training & Adult Education Awards Illuminate City’s Brightest Stars

In a jubilant celebration of dedication and achievement, the Hull Training & Adult Education Awards lit up the city with a dazzling display of talent and resilience. November 2023 marked an unforgettable evening where the community gathered to honour the remarkable accomplishments of individuals and organizations shaping the educational landscape of Hull.

“I’m absolutely thrilled and honoured to receive the Business and Management Apprentice of the Year award!” exclaimed Harvey, his eyes shining with pride. “This recognition further motivates me to continue pushing boundaries and contributing to the world of business and management. HTAE have been a fantastic support in my professional and personal development.”

Harvey’s sentiment was echoed by his company HSQE, who remarked, “We are absolutely thrilled that Harvey was awarded Business and Management Apprentice of the year. Harvey worked really hard to achieve his apprenticeship, and the support he received from Hull Training has been second to none.”

The evening also saw Houlton, a stalwart in the community for over 144 years, proudly sponsoring the event. Reflecting on their longstanding commitment to nurturing talent, Houlton celebrated the achievements of apprentices like never before. “Over Houlton’s 144-year lifespan, we have employed 381 apprentices, one of which proudly achieved the Apprentice of the Year for England at the CITB Apprenticeship Awards in London,” they declared with pride.

Beal Homes, another pillar of support, revelled in the success of their Apprentice Joiner, Erin Symons, who clinched the ‘Construction Centre Apprentice of the Year 2023’ award. “We’re so proud of our superstar Apprentice Joiner, Erin Symons, for winning the award,” beamed Beal Homes. “Congratulations, Erin!”

David Andrew, Group Managing Director of MACH Machine Tools, expressed delight at being invited to sponsor the event. “A superb event, in a beautiful location, surrounded by Apprentice learners, their families, industry partners, and delivery,” he remarked, encapsulating the collective joy and camaraderie felt throughout the evening.

As the ceremony drew to a close, the resounding applause echoed a shared sentiment of admiration and inspiration. The Hull Training & Adult Education Awards not only celebrated individual triumphs but also reaffirmed the transformative power of education in shaping lives and building futures. In the hearts of every attendee, the spirit of possibility burned bright, illuminating a path towards a brighter and more promising tomorrow for all.

Plans are already underway to ensure the 2024 Awards evening is an even bigger success, and to ensure the fantastic talent here at Hull Training & Adult Education continues to be celebrated.