Ofsted Update

Great News!

We were inspected by OFSTED in February 2022 and were very pleased with their extremely positive report which stated that “Hull Training and Adult Education, learners and apprentices, benefit from teaching and support from well qualified and experienced tutors who use their knowledge and experience effectively to teach them the knowledge, skills, and behaviours that they need to progress”.  We are extremely proud of our staff. Our learners make good progress because we have high expectations of work and behaviour. Ours and yours. As a result, the majority of our learner’s progress.

Equally pleasing is that inspectors recognised that “Learners and apprentices conduct themselves impeccably during their time at Hull Training and Adult Education. They exhibit a high level of respect for each other and staff in their use of shared spaces, corridors, classrooms and workshops”. The majority of learners progress onto work or employment. Our employers told Ofsted that the apprentices make a real difference to their company, we are extremely proud of our employers buy in to the apprenticeship family.

Now is the time to continue with the opportunities that education brings to people – work places and cities prosperity.

Together we make it happen!

To view the report in full, please go to: https://files.ofsted.gov.uk/v1/file/50179457