Welfare and Advice

Welfare and Advice

If you find you are having problems while you are on your course or programme of study there are people who can help you. If your problems are stopping you attending, or you are thinking of leaving, your tutor and/or the Pastoral Care and Welfare team is here to help you. They will look at ways to help you solve your problems and if they can’t help you, they will find someone who can.

We can also put you in touch with a range of local support groups for issues like:

Money – debts, benefits etc

Housing – homelessness, problems with landlords

Personal and relationship problems – at home, on your course or with friends

Health – drugs, alcohol, mental health and sexual health issues

You can talk to your tutor or Vanessa Drax (Safeguarding and Learner Support Manager) about anything that you feel is a concern to you and we’ll look at ways to support you.

Vanessa can be contacted on 01482 615 250 or mobile 07977 060 599