Study Programme – Business and Management

Starting a career can be difficult and everyone at some point in their life needs a little helping hand to get them going in the right direction. Our Study Programmes can help you to achieve exactly that!
They are personalised pieces of learning, designed to help you further develop your skills and help get you into employment and the confidence and skills to live independent.
All Study Programmes consist of three key parts; each part depends on your individual needs and provides you with a personalised programme that includes:

  • undertaking vocational work skills with accreditation, where appropriate.
  • a programme of work experience, and
  • the development of English and maths functional skills.

So while building on your existing skills, Study Programmes will stretch and challenge you to achieve your goals. The personalised Study Programme will provide you with work experience opportunities as well as working on basic English, maths and working with others to increase your confidence and employability.

So, “Get Inspired, Get Learning and Get Skilled – It’s about you!”