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The Employer Engagement Team at Hull Training and Adult Education has the expert skills and knowledge to provide training services to employers throughout Hull and the Humber region. We can provide you with solutions for injecting new talent into your business, through Apprenticeships, whilst also working with you to develop and deliver training to your existing staff.

Apprenticeships for Employers

  • Apprentices are an ideal way to bring new talent into your workforce and can help you to address skills gaps and shortages.
  • Employers who take on a 16-18 year old apprentice pay their salary. The Government will fund the training.
  • The current National Minimum wage is £3.30 per hour.
  • There are more than 250 different types of Apprenticeships available offering over 1,400 job roles.
  • Apprentices can be used to develop existing employees when they change role or gain a promotion.
  • There are grants, worth up to £1500 for SME employers taking on their first 16-18 year old Apprentice.
  • Three-quarters (75%) of employers believe that despite the economic crisis, apprentices are more important than ever to their businesses. (Source: 2012 Populus research)
  • Four out of five employers say Apprenticeships are likely to play a bigger part in their future recruitment policy and three quarters of employers say Apprenticeships have reduced their recruitment costs. (Source: 2012 Populus research)
  • Businesses that offer Apprenticeship programmes view them as beneficial to their long-term development. Most businesses (82 percent) employed an apprentice to build the skills capacity within their businesses. (Source: 2011 British Chambers of Commerce research)

Local Employer Urges Others to Take on Apprentices

Every apprentice requires an employer in order to achieve a successful apprenticeship. Hull Training is fortunate to have long-standing partnerships with hundreds of local businesses who repeatedly, come back to us for their next apprentice.

Local sign making company Sapphire Signs has well established links with Hull Training and has worked with us for many years. They have 12 employees who have taken part in the Sign Making Apprenticeship and they currently have two apprentices due to complete the course later this year. That means that over a third of their workforce have served an apprenticeship or are soon to complete one. This is something they are very proud of at Sapphire Signs.

Director of Sapphire Signs, Daniel Casey, who also came through the apprenticeship route, says he would encourage any business thinking about taking apprentices on, to do so. He said: “Hull Training have been great and supported our requirements for Apprentices as best as they can. I would highly recommend Hull Training to anyone looking into Apprenticeships and apprentices are one of foundations to the continued success for any company. We at Sapphire Signs have certainly seen the benefits over the years.”

Daniel Casey.

Director, Sapphire Signs

Employer Quote

“Caine is a most valuable member of our company and has come a long way over the 4 years. He has worked hard in achieving his apprenticeship and has given 110% all the way through.

“Engineering (specialist welder / pipe work engineer) is a hard trade to learn and an even harder one to master, Caine has taken on the challenge and has exceeded beyond our expectations, he is an asset to our company.

“Caine is one of Cunicon’s best investments and we would like to thank Hull Training and Adult Education and their engineering staff for providing us with a fantastic member of our team and we will look at adding another apprentice to our company in the near future.

“We at Cunicon are proud to have Caine as a member of our team and we look forward to a long and bright future with us!” – Jamie Laidler, Cunicon Limited

Employers we work with